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Take her word for it...

"She changed my life. It sounds cliché but truly. I found myself in a profound season of doubt and discouragement. I needed to know whether these feelings were something I was in control of or if they were a product of my environment or both. I left our sessions with new insight into who I am and how I instinctually operate. More importantly, the understanding that neither one of those is wrong and I am not broken."

--A client who decided it was time to grow

The Inner Compass Course


Values.  Strengths.  Purpose.  Passion.


Six weeks of online content and weekly interaction. 

Available one-on-one or in a group format. 

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Take her word for it...

"Working with Brooke has made my life better, my marriage better, my work better and being a mom better because she doesn't just give you answers, she helps you discover your own. And that, THAT tool I will take with me wherever I go and use in whatever I do.

Brooke is the real deal and worth it!"

--A client who found her inner compass



Programs for academics who've lost their spark and want to get fired up again. 

Yearly week-long retreat, and monthly group support available. 

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Take her word for it...

"Reignite helped me to step away from the go, go, go of my academic life and take a good hard look at what my priorities are, what I want them to be, and how I plan to get there. It was exactly what I needed."

--A client who found her her spark

Perfectly Enough

Nov 25, 2021

More fulfillment with less effort, one week at a time. 

Question of the month, stuff my coach taught me, behind the scenes, strengths and values in action, and early bird access to new programs. 

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