If life is a journey and you are the navigator, when was the last time you fine tuned your inner compass?

The Inner Compass is a six-week virtual course that combines online content with weekly coaching over Zoom. In the first half of the course you will discover and define your values, strengths, purpose, and passion. In the last half of the course we will look at how these defining qualities can be applied to various aspects of your life, including everyday decision-making, long-term planning, overcoming obstacles, and setting boundaries. This course can be completed one-on-one, or in a group setting (the group experience is offered in the summer).


Discover what matters most to you, and decision-making will be a cinch. 


Learn to center your work around your strengths, and you'll stand out amongst the competition. 


Align your life with your sense of purpose, and watch your impact expand. 

"While I don’t want to project that my life and feelings are parallel to every other woman’s, I am pretty confident that a lot of women are living an experience similar to mine.

Busy (but adoring) mom. Happy wife. Professional career juggler. Pandemic navigator (how is that a thing?). Sacrificer of self-care.

The Inner Compass Course was a 6 week commitment to ME. A permission slip to allow myself the space and time to explore and reflect on my values and re-connect with what’s at the heart of my “why”.

These 6 weeks have been instrumental to re-centering and gaining clarity in a very busy, wonderfully beautiful and simultaneously messy time. I met new people, laughed, wrote, and ultimately emerged more self-aware."

A "Sacrificer of Self-care" turned "Me-time Mama"

One Course. Two Delivery Modes.

You can take The Inner Compass Course in a one-on-one format at any time, or in a group setting during the summer.  

The next Group Experience will be offered Fridays, July8-August 12 at 9am PST 

"In a world packed full of exhausting Zoom meetings, taking the Inner Compass Course was one of the most life-giving things I have done for myself. Brooke's ability to create an open and engaging space not only helped me clarify my direction in life, it also connected me to other women whose perspectives were invaluable to me. We laughed together, and learned together, and it was exactly what I needed amidst the isolation and disconnect of the pandemic.

I can't recommend The Inner Compass Course enough."  

A worn out human who found clarity, confidence, and connection