support for academics who don't want to burn out

In the world of higher education,  burnout feels inevitable.

While the avenues into and through academia are changing, most of us still spend the first seven (or so) years on campus, doing whatever it takes to achieve tenure.  We "publish or perish", improve our teaching, and say “yes” to just about every service opportunity that arises. "I just need to get tenure," we tell ourselves, "then I'll figure out some kind of work-life balance."  

Land the job. Get the grant. Publish the book. Chair the task force.

Each achievement creates a sense of pride and relief, but can also leave in its wake a mere ember of the passion we used to feel for our discipline and our belief that our work matters. 

That's a sure-fire path to burnout. 

Can you answer "yes" to any of these questions?

Are you feeling both trapped and liberated, by tenure?

Do you wonder what the next seven to ten years of your scholarly career will look like?

Do you have ideas for several projects, and no clue which one to pursue first?

Did tenure and promotion bring with them new leadership possibilities that you’re uncertain and excited about? 

Are you wondering about how to structure a more sustainable balance between service, research, and teaching in the next chapter of your academic career?


We've been there, but we didn't stay there. 

And you don't have to either. 

We want to help you find your spark, fan it into a flame, and sustain that fire. 

For good. 

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"Even though many of us came to the retreat at different places in our careers and personal lives, we shared an understanding of what it means to pause in your post-tenure academic journey to examine what you want next from your career.

Brooke and Renee are an exceptional team that led us all through that process with skill, care, and thoughtfulness, and despite our extremely different institutional situations and career trajectories, they managed to create a shared atmosphere of growth and learning."

Jean, Associate Professor, CUNY

The Re-ignite Recipe

Embodied Learning

Your body does more than carry your brain from meeting to meeting. We'll help you unlock its wisdom.  

Contemplative Practice

We provide a full-range of practices to support mindfulness, intentionality, and improved mental health. 

Customized Support

All of our programs include free or heavily discounted one-on-one coaching. 

About Renée

Renée Ann Cramer is was a Professor and Chair of Law, Politics and Society at Drake University, as well as Herb and Karen Baum Chair of Ethics in the Professions, before she wrote her dream role as Drake’s Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs.  As such, her portfolio includes faculty success and development, and strategic initiatives – prime places for helping to grow integral institutional cultures.  Her most recent book is on the mobilization of midwives; she is working on one that develops the themes balance and purpose in life and career. 

About Brooke

Presently the Associate Provost at Whitworth University, Brooke Kiener was a professional actor and director, and a tenured theatre professor before she moved into academic administration.  As Associate Provost, she brings a somatic coaching approach to the faculty development and student success initiatives that she oversees.  She is also a certified leadership coach, and offers leadership training through the Whitworth Women's Leadership Network. You can read her advice for finding more fulfillment with less effort on her blog, Press Release

There are three different Re-ignite programs, available a la carte, or as a bundle...

Re-ignite Retreat

A weeklong virtual retreat held every June.  Reconnect with the spark that lit the flame, discover new ways to feed the fire, and create a vision that burns bright.

The Slow Burn

October 1 through April 30 each year; virtual workshops every other week.  A slow drip of the Re-ignite Retreat content, plus masterminds, co-working, and contemplative practice. 

Support on Sabbatical

SOS!  Individual and group coaching to keep you motivated and inspired, while also taking time for rest and rejuvenation.  

Registration for all Re-ignite programs opens May 1









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The retreat that's actually a treat. 

No uncomfortable chairs.  No neck ties.  No hotel food. 

Join us from the comfort of your own home or office, and receive...

  • time and space to reconnect with your passion,
  • thoughtful activities to envision your next chapter in ways that excite and energize you,
  • and coaching and accountability for developing and implementing a focused action plan. 


Reigniting Your Purpose: Creating a Vision for Academic Life Post-Tenure

June 7-12, 9-noon PST, via Zoom

$300 per participant

"Reignite helped me to step away from the go, go, go of my normal academic life and take a good, hard look at what my priorities are, what I want them to be, and how to get there.

It reminded me that self-care makes me a better professor and person."

Anonymous (but happy) Attendee


For you.  For your students.  For your future.