Nothing in Nature is Rigid

limiting beliefs personal growth tl;dr Oct 12, 2021
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Equal parts serendipity and determination recently brought me the enviable gift of two weeks in Greece. I have wanted to visit the birthplace of western democracy, philosophy, and theatre for decades; I also desperately needed a vacation—a change of pace and scenery to help me reset and recenter. When my plane touched down, I resolved to open every pore of my being to absorb what this place had to offer. The insights, awakenings, and inspirations were innumerable, but I share four of them with you here, as well as some corresponding coaching questions, in a Too Long; Don't Read format. 

Nothing in nature is rigid or perfectly straight. The Greek architects who built the Parthenon understood this and it was a central concept in their design. Each of the pillars arcs slightly inward; the floor is slightly curved as well. Architects have commented that this gives the slightest impression that the building is “breathing.”  The use of the Golden Ratio (9:4) mimics the natural rhythm of life.  These design principles allow our eyes to accept the man-made structure as less of an unnatural imposition, and more of an extension of the natural world.

Coaching questions: Where am I rigid? Where does my rigidity create an imposition? Where do my rhythms feel out of sync with the nature world? How might these shifts result in more fulfillment with less effort? 

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