The Purpose of a Space Matters

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Equal parts serendipity and determination recently brought me the enviable gift of two weeks in Greece. I have wanted to visit the birthplace of western democracy, philosophy, and theatre for decades; I also desperately needed a vacation—a change of pace and scenery to help me reset and recenter. When my plane touched down, I resolved to open every pore of my being to absorb what this place had to offer. The insights, awakenings, and inspirations were innumerable, but I share four of them with you here, as well as some corresponding coaching questions, in a Too Long; Don't Read format. 

The purpose that we give to a space matters. The Acropolis is full of both sacred and prestigious spaces. A sacred space is constructed differently than a prestigious space. A private space is approached differently than a public space. When we enter an expansive space our posture and breath respond differently than they do when we enter a constrained space. A space will also direct your gaze, affect your heart rate, and shape your thoughts and emotions. We are 3D beings in a 3D world (or maybe even a 4D or 5D world).

Coaching questions: What is the purpose of the spaces I regularly inhabit? How is that purpose reflected in those spaces? Where have I created sacred space in my life? What might I do to create and protect sacred spaces in my life? Where are my efforts to project prestige affecting space that might otherwise serve a sacred purpose?

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